Youth Participants (ages 11-17)

Teams start with limited gear. Tools and food may be awarded by completing challenges, which are based on the information on the website.

Team sizes of 3 to 5 will be built and units will be kept together.

Adults and Staff (any age)

Adults help with safety and are expected to NOT help teams. They must bring their own food and can bring any camping gear.

Consider VOLUNTEERING - staff have pretty easy jobs, help with safety, are provided food, can bring any gear, and it costs less.

Event Rules

The EVENT RULES must be followed at all times. There's a minimal amount of rules to allow teams to be creative.

Not A Class, Not A Discussion

In order to complete the challenges, teams will rely on their knowledge and perform the correct actions. Instead of explaining what you would do, participants demonstrate skills.

October 2-3, 2021

Scenario: Natural Disaster

Youth (11-17): $ 25
Adults: $ 15
Staff: Free!

Packing List
Anything medically necessary
Wear typical outdoor clothing
Water bottle
Sunscreen and bug spray
Sleeping bag
Snack sized baggie filled with any gear you want
Totin' Chip if you bring a knife or saw

A very long backpacking trip will be completed in a few days. There is extra time, so you visit a nearby landmark. The day quickly changes from fun to perilous when there's a life-threatening event.

You may notice that most of the items on the 10 ESSENTIALS list are not included. This is intentional and we will ask for extra gear to be stowed before starting the event. Use of prohibited gear is covered in the RULES.