Common Questions

What should I bring?

Depending on the event, you might bring just clothing. Check out the packing list on the REGISTRATION page. Also, consider knowing survival-related activities, starting with the most important: first aid, shelter, fire, water, food, morale.

Can we camp there Friday night?

Yes, plus we'd welcome you and there will be plenty of space. The contest starts Saturday morning. You're able to bring any gear you want and make whatever food you bring. Please have it packed up and be ready for the contest on Saturday.

Who may participate?

The event is open to all Scouts BSA members ages 11 to 17.99. I might suggest First Class rank and above, but that's not a requirement.

Adults must be registered adult leaders with the BSA with current Youth Protection Training. Staffers can also be Scouts, again with the appropriate Youth Protection Training.

Will I be taught or shown how to build a fire, tie a rope, etc?

There are many other events that focus on instruction and this is not one of them. The staff are simply judges to see if you accomplish the task or not. They do not grade your solution beyond meeting the requirements. Staff do not teach skills. Adults teaching skills will earn the team a permanent 0 point score for those tasks.

This can be made into a more instructive campout if you have more experienced youth in the same team as less experienced ones. One could even earn a Wilderness Survival merit badge, but you'd have to coordinate with your troop's leaders.

Can I bring notes, a journal, or write information on my body?

This depends on the scenario. If the packing list doesn't allow it, then assume the answer is "no." By bringing prohibited items, we assume that you will use them and your team will receive a permanent 0 point score for any task that could possibly be impacted. Sorry.

What if I use my own gear to accomplish a task?

Let's pretend you used your cell phone to look up a plant. Your group receives 0 points for that task - permanently. Your group also does not get the gear or food rewards. For skill-based challenges, you are welcome to try the task again. If it's completed without using prohibited gear, you can earn the reward but still no points.

Is there food?

There will be plenty of food available, but it is not automatically given to the attendees.

When you discover the survival situation, your group's actions determine if if you get any rewards (and food is one reward). Technically, one could survive all night by sitting down and staying awake, but then you're missing out on a lot of the fun.

Please don't bring food from home because it ruins a major aspect of this challenge. There are exceptions for special circumstances such as medical or dietary needs. CONTACT US if you have one of those.

Does everyone need to know all of the skills?

As long as any person in the team can complete the challenge (or if they complete it together), then the points and any rewards are given out. Teams are able to strategize and have experts in each field. Make sure to have a backup expert in case someone gets sick and can't make the event.