People stuck in survival situations will find out that creativity is key. This page is dedicated to solving common problems using different approaches.

Teams will be presented challenges throughout this activity and their goal is to simply work the problem and come up with a solution. Specific techniques are not tested. Instead, this is a results-based approach.


When faced with an emergency or survival situation, keep your head. First, Stop and take some time to avoid panic. Think about the most important action that needs to be done, Observe your surroundings and Plan your way out of the problem.

Survival Situations

If you are stuck in a potential survival situation, you must make tasks are accomplished in the right order. First, STOP (as described above) and take a quick assessment of your situation. Provide First Aid to injured people. Build or Seek Shelter because that takes hours of work and you can die from exposure fairly easily at night. Build a Fire soon as well, which allows you to Signal for Help and Drink Water after you purify it by boiling. Food is the last item and typically isn't needed for most survival situations because you can survive for weeks without food.

Mad Dog Survival
Mylar survival blanket uses

Keep warm, signaling (visual and audio), wind screen, collect water, build a shelter, start a fire, tinder, waterproofing boots, cordage, heat reflector, sun shade, tourniquet, carrying gear, solar oven. I'm sure there's other ways to use it too.

Mr. Hacker & Team

Be careful with sharp edges!

#6 can use a large, flat rock. #7 could use a much smaller rock instead of a file. #10 uses no tools at all.

Emergency Carry Techniques - Animated

8 techniques for carrying victims. There's also a four hand carry, or an improvised shelter can be created from shirts or a tarp/blanket/fly.

The OCD Hunter
Char Cloth The History & Science Behind it And How To Make It

Char cloth, char paper, and other charred things are significantly easier to light because they hold an ember and allow heat to build up. It's easy to make as long as you can deprive oxygen from some carbon-rich material that's getting heated in a fire. Try jeans, dryer lint, and various types of sticks in your area.

TA Outdoors
10 Wilderness Survival Tips | Bushcraft Skills

Focusing on the versatility of a Swiss Army knife, this shows several camp gadgets, techniques, and handy bits of information. Splitting wood, gear hangers, pole saw, how to make a candle, and much more.