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Water Bottle » $ 10

Not just for holding water, this bottle has one extremely important role. It shows everyone else how you are willing to risk life and limb on a campout that's designed to make you work for food and where you get to start with a bare minimum of supplies.

Survival Bracelet » $ 6

Not just a fashionable paracord bracelet! This accessory can help you survive outside by signaling for help with the built-in whistle, finding your way back to civilization using the compass, and starting a fire with the flint and steel embedded in the clip. The paracord can be used as fishing line, for securing a shelter, or as emergency shoelaces. This item is not allowed to be used during the course, but it's a super item to carry on other outings.

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These items will be available for pickup during the event. In case an attendee is not present, the items will be sent with the rest of the team. Alternate arrangements can also be made.