How we are planning to handle the pandemic during our event.

Our Goal

We don't want to have anyone leave the event with COVID-19. To mitigate against the threat of exposure to disease, we are implementing the following plan. Also, we will continue to adhere to the governor's executive orders and Northern Star Council's guidelines.

Because the situation changes regularly, this is our current plan and it may deviate before or during the event.

Please adhere to these rules, otherwise staff members will ask your group to leave.

The Plan

This can change!

  1. SCREENING - Upon arrival, anyone with a fever or symptoms of an illness will be sent home. Camps may also require health screening forms.
  2. TEAMS - No more than two teams are near a station and only the staff member will fetch and return (and sanitize) the equipment.
  3. SOCIAL DISTANCING - Stay 6 feet apart from each other when possible. Only members of a family unit may share a tent or get closer than 6 feet without a mask.
  4. PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT - Each attendee is required to bring a mask unless a medical condition prevents you from wearing one. It is encouraged to wear it at all times, and will be mandated when social distancing is not possible.
  5. CHALLENGE CHANGES - Some of the planned activities have changed to adapt to the disease. Also, shared gear will be washed or sterilized before and after use.
  6. SOAP AND SANITIZER - As expected, keep you hands clean. Wash hands or use hand sanitizer liberally. We've got you covered with hand sanitizer and soap.

Ideas, Questions, or Concerns?

Let us know what's on your mind.