Rope Use

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A person uses rope on a daily basis. From shoelaces to securing loads in trailers, ropes are a permanent part of our life.

These skills will be helpful for completing tasks and building your shelter.

Tying To A Tarp

This works for tarps and sheets of plastic where there are no grommets. Wrap the tarp around a smooth, rounded rock. Loop a rope around the tarp twice and secure using two half hitches.

Careful: The diagram shows a cow hitch / lark's head instead of two half hitches.

YouTube - Demonstrates the method


This rescue knot will not easily slip, which is important if you're trying to lift a person. It is also great for securing line to hammocks, tents, and dining flies. Undoes easily when bent.
YouTube - Normal "rabbit" method
YouTube - One-handed version

How to Tie a Truckers' Hitch

Wonderful knot for tightening guy lines on tents, adding tension to a tarp or dining fly, or securing a bundle.

APS - Annapolis Performance Sailing
How to Tie a Bowline Knot in the Dark | Expert Advice

Three different methods are shown.

The Bowline is not recommended

Shows how to tie an angler's knot, which can be superior for some purposes.

How To Setup A Tarp Using No Knots - "Quick Trick"

You still need knots for the ridgeline, but no knots are necessary to secure the tarp to the line.

The King Of Random
Make Soda Bottle String (Cool Survival Hack) | How To Make Rope From Plastic Bottle

You can use a piece of branch, your knife, and a plastic bottle to make cordage, which then can be twisted together to make rope.

How To Make Grass Rope [Improved Method]

Make cordage or rope out of whatever natural materials you have available. This can be adapted to work with cedar bark, nettles (be careful), and any plants that have long fibers.

There's ANOTHER VIDEO that shows an alternate method for both twisting the cordage and splicing in additional fibers.

Coalcracker Bushcraft
Traditional Rope Making

Shows how you can twist cordage into rope after making your own rope spinner. Don't forget to set your rope, as THIS VIDEO by the same gentleman illustrates.

Westway Sports & Fitness
Ascend a Rope Using a Prusik - Climbing Tips - Westway Sports & Fitness

Shows how to make a Prusik knot, which is useful for a wide variety of tasks.