Safety Rules

Violate these rules and the individual or team will be asked to leave immediately.

  1. SAFETY FIRST! The event will be stopped in case of severe weather. Medical emergencies must be handled by adults. There will be a lodge available in case your shelter leaks rain or is too cold.
  2. TEAMS STAY TOGETHER. Do not send some members to identify plants while others jaunt over to a nearby challenge.
  3. FOLLOW CAMP AND GOVERNOR'S RULES. No fires outside of fire rings. Use only fallen, dead trees. No sheltering under partial deadfalls. Face coverings are mandatory when within 6' and encouraged throughout the event.

Game Rules

Teams permanently receive zero points for any impacted tasks if these rules are violated.

  1. NO HELP FROM ADULTS, STAFF, OTHER TEAMS. Do your best to pretend that your team is alone. Adults and staff can't help you earn points in any way, which includes answering questions. Everyone may freely assist on anything that does not involve points. Adults and staff must step in if there's any dangers.
  2. USE OUR GEAR. Your gear is not allowed to be used on the course except when it's clearly stated because this is a simulated survival scenario. This includes cell phones. If in doubt, ask a staff member. Medically necessary items are always allowed, but are not permitted to be used for completing challenges.