Volunteer as Staff

Want A Fun Experience Watching Youth Achieve Excellence?

Who do we need?

In order for the event to work, we need people to help with the stations during the event and to judge when teams complete their tasks. Others are required to handle the chaos that comes with an event.

The ideal time commitment would be one full day during the event and a couple short meetings prior to the weekend to cover responsibilities. There's also options for people to help in the months before the challenge.

Staff members that are there for the weekend and are provided meals. You contribute your valuable time and make this event work.

Position Descriptions

Station Expert

People are necessary for supervising the stations because of their unique challenges. You'll work with each team to facilitate a portion of the event and you'll be the one approving the scoring of that section. We really need these people!

Event Support Staff

There's a need for volunteers that can handle registration at the event, cooking for staff, and coordinating the people that will be showing up. These are the wizards behind the curtain that allow the event to proceed.

Assistants Before/After Event

These are the people that make us go. They handle registration before the event, field questions, promote the event to troops, ask for donations, shop for food, and perform many other small tasks. If you're looking to help but you can't make it to the event that weekend, or if you're an adult that will be going along with a team, then these roles are perfect for you. 

No Helping On Tasks

Your primary role is to ensure safety of the youth. After that, staff typically will judge completion of tasks, award points, and supply rewards. Staff members must not assist the youth.

Use your discretion when answering questions relating to tasks with points. What is your response if someone asks, "Why didn't I get the points?".  Your answer may give away vital information that assists the team too much. "The purified water touched a contaminated bottle and was no longer fit to drink," gives away too much. Instead, consider rephrasing to a more generic form, "The water became contaminated again."

The goal of the event is to challenge the youth. Typically parents and adults have loomed and "helped" all their lives. It's time for us to step back and be amazed with the creativity and abilites that these youth have.

What else can I expect?

There will be a staff handbook given to each volunteer so they know what's going on at each station. This handbook lays out the super secret survival scenario, the tasks that the teams are presented, and the exact wording that they have to meet or beat. Like a merit badge or rank advancement, any solution that meets the wording of the requirement will be accepted.

If you're volunteering for a position outside of the event, we'll be in touch with you. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to CONTACT US.

I'm In! Sign me up!

I thank you for your eagerness to help out this event. Without people like you, this could not happen.