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Clever Coyote Challenge

Natural Disaster: Oct 2-3, Stearns

Can your team last 24 hours?

Test your knowledge and prove your skills by completing tasks, earning gear, identifying plants, handling problems associated with a survival scenario, building a shelter, and staying in it overnight. At the beginning, you have only the clothes you're wearing. At the end your team could walk away with bragging rights and a prize for each member.

Open to Scouts BSA members, 11 to 17 years old. You're going to be in a team of 3 to 5.

The Challenges

First Aid (LEARN MORE)

Teams will tend to simulated injuries that relate to the scenario for the weekend. A member of each team will have fake wounds applied and the team must properly handle the problem. A staff member will monitor treatment by the teams to ensure the appropriate aid was provided.

Map Reading (LEARN MORE)

Each team will need to navigate independently between the stations in order to complete the challenges. This will also guide you to your starting point where you will find some gear. One obstacle you'll need to circumvent is the lack of a compass. Can you still find a way to determine north?

Plant Identification (LEARN MORE)

In the interest of simulating a real survival situation, the event does not guarantee a full stomach. Want food? Identify various nutritious plants and you will be rewarded with edibles, such as lettuce, carrots, or other foods.

Signaling for Help (LEARN MORE)

Find a way to send a message to an observer that is a distance away. You'll have to do more than just shouting, and you will have to use the provided gear in order to achieve this task.

Fire Building (LEARN MORE)

One of the most useful tools during a survival situation is having a fire. It's easy when matches or lighters are available, but significantly harder when one is ill-prepared. It will be possible, but you might want to brush up on your skills before this event.

Purifying Water (LEARN MORE)

Drinking the water you find in streams and lakes could get you sick. One needs to be able to purify water before drinking it in order to make it safer. Drinking water will be provided, but the skill to purify more water will be what's tested.


Knowing how to use ropes for specific uses can be extremely important. Teams will be presented with a series of tasks. Staff will verify the solutions and then teams will be allowed to use more gear.

Sleeping Outside (LEARN MORE)

No tents. No pillow. Construct one or more shelters to house your team for the night. Find a way to stay warm, perhaps by weaving a blanket or getting a large bundle of dead grass as a cover. Adults will sleep in tents, and youth can warm up in a small shelter.

Event Schedule

Friday, after 6:00 pm

Early Check In

Attendees may arrive on Friday to check in and find their assigned campsite. Teams may use tents and any other gear that they brought. There is no provided dinner nor breakfast for participants, so bring food.

Saturday, 7:30 to 8:30 am

Check In

People arriving on Saturday need to check in. Please make sure you arrive before or during this window.

Saturday, 9:00 am

Announcements, Start

The event's scenario will be announced to everyone. Rules will be covered. One last chance to remove forbidden items and hustle them into vehicles.

Saturday, 9:30 am

Gear Shakedown, Teams Complete Tasks

Staff confirms that each team member has only the allowed gear and any medically necessary items. From this point, teams control their activities. They pick where they want to go and what they want to complete.

Saturday, starting at 6:00 pm

Stations Close & Checkpoint

Staff retires for the evening. The extraction point's location will be provided later in the evening when a staff member checks in to see how the team is doing.

Did you notice that there's no meals on the schedule? Participants need to earn food by completing challenges.

Sunday, 8:00 to 9:00 am

Wrap Up

Teams are rescued from their ordeal. Scores are finalized. Youth are involved in a discussion of the event, what they learned, and what different things could be attempted next time. Questions are fielded.

Sunday 9:00 am

Awards and Recognition

Give thanks to the staff that put on the event. Show appreciation for the adults that chaperoned. Award the prize to each member of the winning team. Attendees are dismissed.